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Welcome to The Big Tourney - Your Ultimate Commercial March Madness Contest Solution. Our White-Label Product Is Perfect For Online PR/Marketing Campaigns

Transform Your Website into a High-Energy Destination with Our Thrilling March Madness Bracket Contest!

Get ready to captivate and engage your audience with an electrifying three-week contest that will keep them coming back for more. Say goodbye to messy registrations and multiple submissions! Our user-friendly platform makes it simple for entrants to sign up online and fill their brackets with ease, all in one seamless process. With our platform, we automate real-time results tracking, ensuring a smooth experience for your participants.

Additional White-Label (Commercial) Version Features:

  • Capture your audience with a three-week contest that invites them to keep coming back for more.
  • Entrants sign up online and fill their brackets
  • No messy registrations - participants enter their info and picks in one submission.
  • We track everything and automate results in real-time.
  • With no annoying ad banners, our visuals showcase your branded content to enhance white-label conversion.
  • Collect valuable customer data, such as names and email addresses, in a convenient CSV format, to supplement your client email database for future marketing campaigns.
  • Advertise your specials and events directly on the bracket site to promote engagement and excitement with potential customers.
  • Email entrants with contest updates and invite them to watch the games together, promoting customer loyalty.
  • Optional team-building and camaraderie among your employees with an in-house contest, using our friendly competition platform that promotes morale and goodwill.
  • A Complete White-Label Branding
  • Optionally, embed contest pool on your site to enhance white-label conversion
  • No organization too large or too small
  • Thousands of entries? Not a problem
  • Celebrating 24 years running online bracket pools

SIMPLY PUT: We will customize the site to be your Bracket Pool. We will import elements of your site to the bracket contest site to make it look seamless. The site can be embedded in your site or hosted by us. All the data collected is yours only. We will provide all the resulting in exportable CSV format. You handle the promotion, we handle the rest.


bracket pool manager screen

Experience a Clean and Personalized Contest Site Without Annoying Ad Banners

Let your brand shine and say goodbye to annoying banners that clutter your site. Our white-label branding approach allows you to effortlessly embed the contest pool on your own website, enhancing conversion rates and promoting your brand. It's a complete integration that seamlessly fits with your existing site, providing a cohesive and professional look.

Enhance Customer Loyalty and Collect Valuable Data

Our commercial version offers valuable features to help you enhance customer loyalty and generate profits. Collect specific customer data such as names, email addresses, and other relevant information in a convenient CSV format, enabling you to build a client email database for future marketing campaigns. Moreover, our platform enables you to advertise your specials and events directly on the bracket site, keeping your customers engaged and excited. You can even email entrants with contest updates and invite them to watch the games together!

Generate Online Ad Revenue and Increase Customer Engagement

Our turn-key solution unlocks new streams of revenue by displaying online ads on your contest site. Take advantage of your customers' engagement by offering a fun and interactive bracket contest that keeps them coming back for more. Whether it's generating ad revenue or increasing sales, our platform ensures a profitable outcome for your business.

Boost Team-Building and Morale

Promote team building and camaraderie among your employees with an engaging in-house contest. Nothing brings people together like the excitement of great sporting events. Our pool software provides a platform for friendly competition, banter, and team bonding. Create a workplace environment that promotes morale and goodwill among your teams.

  • Draw More Potential Customers To Your Website
  • Capture your audience with a three week contest that will keep them coming back again and again
  • Improve customer loyalty.
  • Public Relations winner!
  • Collect specific customer data
  • enhance white-label conversion
  • No organization too large or too small
  • Supplement your Client Email Database with entrants to your contest
  • Generate Online Ad Revenue

Customer Engagement Will Keep Them Coming Back

Many service industries cater to the regular patron/client, the one who comes back multiple times, and is the lifeblood of business income streams. Its tough to inspire loyalty and grow these numbers. Adding fun, competitive interactions which our pool software provides, helps draw them in closer. Engagement is the key. Keep your customers close by involving them.

Sports pools are an excellent way to keep them coming back for more. There is no other product on the internet that accommodates the needs of your unique situation than Whether you just want a simple all-inclusive bracket contest, or a regional breakdown based on demographics or locations, we can deliver a turn-key solution for you and your customers.

Salesforce/Team Building

Many times we experience a tough workplace environment that does not have many outlets for team building and camaraderie because of distance or stress of the industry itself. Promoting an in-house contest for the employees can help raise morale and promote a general good faith amongst each other. It gives food and fodder for the water cooler conversations. The excitement of great sporting events tend to unite us all in fun banter and goodwill.


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